How Often Do I Have to Change My Solar Batteries?

One of the best clean sources of energy is the sun. The battery of your solar system will tell you if the stored energy is enough for daily use. You likely wonder how long you can use your battery and the other factors that show how long it can last. Knowing these, you’ll figure out how often you should change your solar batteries

Why You Need a Solar Battery

Solar batteries make it possible to have backup solar power for future use. Solar panels don’t have a battery since they don’t directly supply current to the loads. But, a battery is a must since it provides energy storage that you can use when there’s an outage.

Put simply, if there’s no battery, electricity is not available at all times. For example, there’s no solar energy at night. Batteries are great to have at night so that you can maximize harnessing solar energy during the day. This is another reason why you need to make sure your battery works and is replaced from time to time.

When to Replace Solar Batteries

Solar light fails when batteries fail to provide the needed power. If this happens, it’s time to change the batteries; but, this won’t happen until at least 10 years. 

One way to check the condition of your battery is to unplug your solar battery from the solar source. Then, you plug it into a regular battery, if the light fails on the solar battery but works on the standard battery, that means it’s time to change the battery. This is an easy way to determine if you need to replace your battery,

Another instance that indicates you need to change your batteries is when your batteries get weaker and have significantly poorer battery performance as you charge and discharge them. This results in the battery not giving the expected power output. 

Depending on the performance, you can replace your batteries. You don’t have to wait for its life to end. It is better to change it before it ends. 

How to Replace Solar Batteries

It’s easy to update your solar batteries. If you have your battery machine outdoors, it will give a prompt that it’s not working. Cooler spaces are better for battery machines. 

When the machine is in front of you, you can choose the appropriate battery settings to begin the installation. First, you should disconnect all devices including the inverter. Then, you place the new battery, reconnect all the devices and the inverter, and your battery is good to go.

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