Top 5 German Made Solar Panel Companies in 2023

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German made solar panels are reliable, high quality, pricey, and worth their cost. Germany is gradually becoming one of the leading solar panel manufacturers in the world, leaning on the evolution of science, technology, and solar panel experts.

Irrespective of the environmental impacts of heavy-duty machines and production materials, the solar power concept is facilitating an eco-friendly environment across the globe.

Like many other countries, Germany is evolving into an eco-friendly production system, making their solar panels’ production free from risks associated with the process.

Want to know why solar panels from Germany are unique? Keep reading!

Why Are German Solar Panels Unique?

German solar panels are unique because they’re high quality, reducing the risk of picking low-quality panels from other countries.

German panel manufacturers are experienced in the field, implementing top-grade materials to attain reliable and quality results.

The warranty range for most companies like SolarWatt is 30 years. Thus, solar panels made by SolarWatt (a top German manufacturer) will last up to 30 years while working efficiently.

Notwithstanding, here are some other factors behind the uniqueness of solar panels made in Germany.

Highest Quality Components

German solar manufacturers invest in the highest quality components to produce all solar solutions, including solar panels, mounting systems, cables, and inverters. With top-notch technology, a solar panel from Germany will stand the test of time.

Professional Workmanship

Engineers with more than 15 years of experience in the solar industry take part in producing and installing solar panels to guarantee flawless results and expertise in the system. This makes the panels more reliable and durable as well.


Irrespective of the top-quality components used in producing solar panels, Germany ensures that all solar power consumers get the best solutions while considering their budget. The availability of German solar panels in different watts and prices is one of the factors behind their uniqueness.

100% Customer Satisfaction

German solar panels are the best option for individuals’ durability, efficiency, and affordability. The best part is that the company at your service will stop at nothing to give you worry-free services, installation, maintenance guide, and consultation.

Best Solar Modules

Different types of solar modules include monocrystalline, polycrystalline, CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide), and A-Si (Amorphous Si). These modules determine the efficiency of the panels.

Thus, most German solar panels come with polycrystalline and monocrystalline modules, which make them up to 15% to 20% efficient in converting rays into usable energy.

Reliability of German Panels

Without a doubt, German panels are both cheaper and pricey. Almost 75% of all solar panel materials and components come from Germany, thus making the cost of production low. Also, solar panels are sustainable power supply sources absorbing and producing energy from sunlight.

With technological advancements, some solar companies are investing in producing Photovoltaic (PV) panels. These high-quality solar panels generate solar power from direct or indirect sun rays. However, their performance increases while under direct sunlight.

This is more like a trend in the solar panel production sector worldwide. That means you can get German PV panels that will work in reflecting or partially blocked sunlight.

The best part is that the solar cells of this kind of panel combine low cost, high efficiency, and durability to give users the most efficient electricity conversion.

Top German Solar Panel Companies

Many solar panel companies in Germany have remarkable reputations, product features, ideal performances, and warranties. Finding and distinguishing their differences can be a tedious assignment.

From having the best solar modules to providing the best solar system, these companies will give you their best without compromising affordability.

Don’t worry. Here are the top German solar panel companies to consider.

1. – Axsun Solar GmbH

AxSun Solar is one of the deep-rooted solar panel manufacturing companies with over a decade in the sector. It’s a medium-sized firm that produces world-class quality PV solar panels.

Irrespective of the company’s location in Upper Swabia, Laupheim-Baustetten, its reputation drives solar power consumers from various regions to the company. AxSun is Germany’s best innovative, reliable, and highly efficient solar panel manufacturer.

AxSun Solar offers a wide range of products, including:

  • Narrow designs/off-grid
  • Glass-glass Infinity 2.02
  • AxSun special modules
  • In-roof laminates with SOLRIF┬«
  • Premium 3.2 PV-Module (mono)
  • Premium 3.2 bluePower
  • Premium 3.2 PV-Module
  • Performer HIGHPOWER PV Modules

Regarding module production, AxSun is ideal for high-quality, long service span, and above-average performance. The solar modules are perfect for commercial buildings, open-air facilities, stables, residential houses, and barns.

The company’s flexible production innovation and technology reward them with customer satisfaction. Interestingly, AxSun Solar has an unbreakable bond with customers across countries like the Netherlands, Italy, and France.

#2. – Alfa Solar GmbH

Alfa Solar GmbH is a German-based company with business operations across the globe. The firm optimizes buildings with solar and has over 15 years of expertise in the field.

From eco-friendly to high quality, Alfa Solar produces innovative solar panels like polycrystalline silicon with structured and anti-glare glass components. What’s more, these panels are high in efficiency.

Furthermore, Alfa Solar offers various services like enhancing heat sources with solar energy for commercial and residential buildings. Thus, it’s one of the region’s best solar thermal panel manufacturers.

The company manufactures Alpha PV solar modules that can serve as a private PV system. Users can install and operate them in large, compact spaces like a balcony.

One of the fun facts about Alfa Solar GmbH is that it adopts innovative technologies like solar heat storage in its solar system generation. This means the panels can produce energy with heat in the storage while accumulating more.

#3. – Antec Solar

Antec Solar is one of the best producers of polycrystalline silicon solar panels. Also, the company applies various optical and technical design options to manufacture PV modules that suit consumers’ specific demands.

Antec Solar includes the application for PV modules in building-integrated PV setups (BIPV). With professionalism and many years of experience in the field, the company is now a leading source of thin-film modules with world-class standard technologies.

The company’s PV modules come with several features, including:

  • Different sizes with about 3.4m length
  • Different shapes
  • Printed and colored modules to suit clients’ requirements
  • Transparency with about 50% light transmission

Irrespective of the prices, here are a few benefits of choosing your thin-film and PV modules from Antec Solar:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Disposable thin-film modules
  • Recyclable modules
  • Foil, frameless glass, or solid glass modules will endure the toughest climate changes.
  • The modules come with identical homogeneous surface
  • They can perform perfectly in cloudy or low sunlight
  • These modules can work well at high temperatures

Although there are some standard modules, you’ll likely find some available in small or large sizes, pattern or stripes designs. Since their performance range is within 8.4% to 11%, they will unleash the best of them to benefit users.

4. – Calyxo GmbH

Calyxo GmbH is a remarkable German brand with innovative cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin-film solar modules made in Germany. The firm supplies turnkey PV systems across several regions.

Calyxo harnesses dynamism with technological expertise to produce high-quality and cutting-edge PV modules. The company categorizes its modules into CX3-Series (CX3 and CX3 Pro), including the CdTe thin-film panels.

VDE, the test institute, thoroughly tests and certifies these panels while the Fraunhofer CSP takes them for another stress test. These tests confirm that Calyxo’s panels made in Germany are worth the ten years warranty on workmanship and material.

Interestingly, the performance warranty for Calyxo’s panels is 25 years. According to the company, the power rate during ten years is up to 90%, and in the long run (25 years and beyond), the power rate drops to 80%. This does not compromise the efficiency of the solar panel.

Calyxo and its parent company, Solar Field, US, have advanced in the research and development of the company’s CdTe technology. The successful progress of the technology boasts of a huge potential price drop for the generation of solar power.

#5. – Solimpeks Solar GmbH

Solimpeks is one of the best companies manufacturing solar modules with high-quality solar cells and many other components. The company is based in Munich, Germany, and is a Solimpeks Solar Corp subsidiary of Turkey.

Since 1973, Solimpeks has been manufacturing thermal integrated solar panels, ranking them within the top 5 producers of thermal panel collectors across the globe. It also offers other products like thermosiphon systems, hybrid panels, and PV-T.

Furthermore, Solimpeks is also a world-leading solar sales company in more than 70 countries. Its product line records up to 70% of sales in the European Union (EU) countries.

The company’s PV-T products are the 1st hybrid panels on the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). Its solar products record 20 international certifications of quality. This is an obvious confirmation that the company’s made in Germany panels are efficient and quality.

Tips for Choosing the Best German Solar Panel Company

Although many remarkable solar sales companies exist in Germany, the above brands are trusted for efficient German panels.

That notwithstanding, here are some tips to remember when choosing the best company to deal with.

  • Go for accredited companies. That way, you can report any lapses and request refunds if required. However, accredited companies are trusted and will ensure you get the best services and products.
  • Research and compare. Conduct thorough research on the companies and compare their services, products, customer reviews, and expertise. This will help you understand them better while choosing the best.
  • Understand your needs. If you need a simple solar system setup for non-heavy duties, go for companies with similar services. If you’re into heavy-duty operations, consult solar companies with similar services.
  • Create a budget. Solar panels are cost-effective. However, adding up all minor expenses can result in a lot of money. However, you’ll be able to monitor your expenses with a budget. Consider companies with flexible payment schemes and sales promo to save more on your solar project.

residential house with solar panels on roof

Any solar panel made in German offers durability, affordability, quality, and high efficiency. The solar panel market is a bit crowded with both quality and craps, so finding the best is now tricky.

Get your solar panels from the German companies mentioned above to make things easier. Also, go for accredited companies, research, and compare your preferred companies. Understand your needs, and work with a budget.

Remember these tips to ensure you get the best out of your project.

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