Here are the most commonly asked questions regarding our services. If you have any other concerns, send us a message. We are always here to help.

Q: How soon will it be before I get a return on investment?

You will already benefit from the setup after installation. It will lead to a lower utility bill immediately. If you want to maximize your savings, you should also invest in solar energy battery storage. 

The first year alone will result in an ROI of 18% and a tax credit of 26%.

Q: What will happen if I move away?

In case you move in the future, the value of the house will still go up because of the solar array. A lot of people are willing to pay more if they will get a solar house in exchange for it. We are also glad to report that we offer a completely transferable warranty that you can switch out if you ever need to relocate.

Q: How long will the installation take?

It is difficult to answer this question without knowing the specifics of the installation site. However, the free installation service usually takes anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. The specific amount of time will depend on the size of the system.

How can I compare the usage of utility and the usage of solar energy?

We use software that allows you to monitor usage. This will help you figure out how much money you can save when you make the switch to solar energy.