The Uses of Solar Energy

Solar technology continuously advances. So, it’s not surprising that many industries are interested in it. Clean energy is trending, and we can expect many more solar advancements in the future. Here are some of the best uses of this renewable energy:


Electricity is one of the primary features of solar energy. In the past 10 years, there has been a 60% drop in solar panel installation costs. So, this gave way to more experiments and advancements. Overall efficiency was also improved because of this making solar energy more accessible to people. 


The use of solar energy for heating has gained popularity. A forced hot air system is paired with solar energy to produce heat. This is also connected with active solar power.

Solar energy is used to heat the hot air inside the air collectors. Then, the air is spread inside an enclosed space. This is a cost-effective and efficient way to heat spaces.

Water Heating

Solar energy has been used a lot in water heating. It can be used to heat water in showers indoors and for swimming pools.


Solar lights have been through a lot of improvements. From portable lights, solar lights are seen in string lights, street lights, pond lights, and floodlights among many others. 

Most solar-powered lights can last for at least 10 hours if they have solar lights that have a durable battery. These lights are also available in various colors and patterns. Most of them aren’t only durable but also waterproof.

You can also have these lights customized for any location you want. You can use solar lights to decorate your pathway, deck, or patio.


Solar energy can also be used to operate ventilation fans. What’s great about this is that ventilation fans can work even if there isn’t much sunlight. So, if you plan to have an attic fan, using solar energy for it is a good idea. An attic fan can also be used in other parts of your house.

If there isn’t proper ventilation in enclosed spaces, moisture, heat, and mold can damage appliances. Solar fans are a great and budget-friendly option to lessen the pressure on your air conditioner.  


Almost all batteries can be charged using solar energy. There are many affordable solar panel kits that you buy from the market. You can expect these to have photo-electric panels. Many of these kits also have connections so that you can directly charge your devices. 

You can buy an inverter to convert DC from solar panels to AC so that you can charge your other batteries.

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